Muhammad Tariq Pervez

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Multi-agent systems have a potential to collaborate with each other using their language but the challenge is to make them work intelligently during the situation of catastrophic disaster. In such situations, it is extremely viable to diagnose and dispose resources like ambulances, volunteers, etc. timely, in order to help out people and reduce casualties.(More)
Medicinal plants are the main natural pools for the discovery and development of new drugs. In the modern era of computer-aided drug designing (CADD), there is need of prompt efforts to design and construct useful database management system that allows proper data storage, retrieval and management with user-friendly interface. An inclusive database having(More)
Multiple sequence alignments have primary role in several domains of modern molecular biology such as protein 3D structure/function prediction, phylogeny inference, molecular function, intermolecular interactions and many other common tasks in sequence analysis. Presently, many tools to construct multiple sequence alignments are available but none of them(More)
The Agile methodologies have been gaining popularity for last few years. This approach satisfies the variety of customer needs in a better way and requirements as compared to the traditional software development methodologies. It also accepts changes in requirements conveniently. Agile Extreme Programming (XP) is frequently used as it provides an effective(More)
The main objective of this study is to find out the importance of machine vision approach for the classification of five types of land cover data such as bare land, desert rangeland, green pasture, fertile cultivated land, and Sutlej river land. A novel spectra-statistical framework is designed to classify the subjective land cover data types accurately.(More)
A comparison of 10 most popular Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) tools, namely, MUSCLE, MAFFT(L-INS-i), MAFFT (FFT-NS-2), T-Coffee, ProbCons, SATe, Clustal Omega, Kalign, Multalin, and Dialign-TX is presented. We also focused on the significance of some implementations embedded in algorithm of each tool. Based on 10 simulated trees of different number of(More)
IVisTMSA is a software package of seven graphical tools for multiple sequence alignments. MSApad is an editing and analysis tool. It can load 409% more data than Jalview, STRAP, CINEMA, and Base-by-Base. MSA comparator allows the user to visualize consistent and inconsistent regions of reference and test alignments of more than 21-MB size in less than 12(More)
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