Muhammad Tahir Qadri

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an image processing technology which uses number (license) plate to identify the vehicle. The objective is to design an efficient automatic authorized vehicle identification system by using the vehicle number plate. The system is implemented on the entrance for security control of a highly restricted area like(More)
The main idea of this inspiration is to process analog voice signal. The theme is implemented for the parallelized persons by voice activated wheelchair throughspeech processing using Digital Signal Processor (DSP). TheTexas Instruments TMS320C6711 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) isconnected with the wheelchair for processing of the voicesignal. The DSK calculates(More)
The objective here is to implement the discrete PID on pendulum. The idea is to balance an Inverted pendulum electro-mechanically using Proportional Integral Differential (PID) Control. The heart of the system is a PIC micro-controller (PIC18F4520). Controller commands the motor through PWM signal, which drives the cart to balance the pendulum in an(More)
  • Sandra Sivanandan, Ashwini Dhanait, +24 authors Vibhash Yadav
  • 2012
In this study, a smart and simple algorithm is presented for vehicle's license plate recognition system. The proposed algorithm consists of three major parts: Extraction of plate region, segmentation of characters and recognition of plate characters. For extracting the plate region edge detection and morphological operations are used. In segmentation(More)
This paper discusses the approach of real-time controlling of the energy management system using the data acquisition tool of LabVIEW. The main idea of this inspiration was to interface the Station (PC) with the system and publish the data on internet using LabVIEW. In this venture, controlling and switching of 3 phase AC loads are effectively and(More)
The main idea of this work is to detect, place and explode mines and target killing of objects using real time video processing at country’s border. For this purpose a Robo Car is designed. The theme is implemented for the armed forces to make them more equipped and advanced. The heart of the system is a PIC micro-controller (PIC16F877). It controls(More)
Due to the increase in the number of vehicles day by day, traffic congestions and traffic jams are very common. One method to overcome the traffic problem is to develop an intelligent traffic control system which is based on the measurement of traffic density on the road using real time video and image processing techniques. The theme is to control the(More)
The Inverted Pendulum is one of the most important classical problems of Control Engineering. In this paper, a real-time control for stabilization of inverted pendulum is developed using PID controller. The implementation platform chosen here is FPGA because it exhibits some superior qualities over traditional processors such as parallel processing(More)
This paper examines the techniques which can be used to generate Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) utilizing minimal resources of a low-end microcontroller. Different techniques are evaluated, bit-banging look-up table (LUT) routines are advocated for certain purposes, programming algorithms are considered for efficiency, and methods of harmonic(More)
This paper discuss the separation of the miscible liquids by means of fractional distillation. For complete separation of liquids, the process of heating, condensation, separation and storage is done automatically to achieve the objective. PIC micro-controller has been used to control each and every process of the work. The controller also controls the(More)