Muhammad Tahir Naseem

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In the current paper, we have presented a novel watermarking scheme with making watermark as robust while keeping the image fragile using Residue Number System (RNS) and Chaos. Residues of the image are made to keep it secure since, their sensitive to change is high. Only Region Of Interest (ROI) part of the image is residued. In making residues of ROI,(More)
Adaptive Resource Allocation is a prominent and necessary feature of almost all future communication systems. The transmission parameters like power, code rate and modulation scheme are adapted according to the varying channel conditions so that throughput of the OFDM system may be maximized while satisfying certain constraints like Bit Error Rate (BET) and(More)
Reliable image transmission is requirement of many fields of security and privacy nowadays for example, digital watermarking, stenography, encryption etc. Many researchers also consider secure image transmission as a robustness feature of digital watermarking. In this paper, product codes are proposed for secure image transmission due to their structural(More)