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It has been several decades since Skoog and Miller described the contrasting behavior of auxin and cytokinin in promoting the growth of root and shoot, respectively [1]. In recent years, a lot of progress has been made in understanding the regulation of stem cell niche and cell fate in both shoot and root apical meristems. Developmental processes such as(More)
Adaptive communication is need and feature of every current communication system. In this technique the transmission parameters are adapted in such a way that overall system throughput may be enhanced while satisfying certain number of constraints. In short this is a constrained optimization problem. In this paper a similar constrained optimization problem(More)
Plants deploy a finely tuned balance between growth and defence responses for better fitness. Crosstalk between defence signalling hormones such as salicylic acid (SA) and jasmonates (JAs) as well as growth regulators plays a significant role in mediating the trade-off between growth and defence in plants. Here, we specifically discuss how the mutual(More)
Reversible watermarking is a process in which the watermark is embedded in such a way that when the watermarked image passes through the authentication process, the original image is also recovered exactly along with watermark. Restoring the original image is important for the applications such as medical, military and law-enforcement etc. Reversible(More)
Adaptive communication for rate enhancement and link survival is a recent area of interest. In adaptive communication, transmission parameters like transmit power, code rate and modulation scheme are chosen in an adaptive manner to match the link conditions and quality of service demand at that transmission interval. But this is a highly non linear(More)
Adaptive resource allocation is one the key characteristics of almost all communication systems nowadays. In this technique, available resources are optimally used to enhance the overall throughput of system while satisfying certain number of constraints. In this paper a similar constrained optimization problem is formulated and a fuzzy rule based system(More)
Plant hormones involving salicylic acid (SA), jasmonic acid (JA), ethylene (Et), and auxin, gibberellins, and abscisic acid (ABA) are known to regulate host immune responses. However, plant hormone cytokinin has the potential to modulate defense signaling including SA and JA. It promotes plant pathogen and herbivore resistance; underlying mechanisms are(More)
Reliable image transmission is requirement of many fields of security and privacy nowadays for example, digital watermarking, stenography, encryption etc. Many researchers also consider secure image transmission as a robustness feature of digital watermarking. In this paper, product codes are proposed for secure image transmission due to their structural(More)
Intricate mechanisms discriminate between friends and foes in plants. Plant organs deploy overlapping and distinct protection strategies. Despite vulnerability to a plethora of pathogens, the growing tips of plants grow bacteria free. The shoot apical meristem (SAM) is among three stem cells niches, a self-renewable reservoir for the future organogenesis of(More)