Muhammad Taha

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Bis-Schiff bases 1-27 have been synthesized and their in vitro antiglycation potential has been evaluated. Compounds 21 (IC(50)=243.95+/-4.59microM), 20 (IC(50)=257.61+/-5.63microM), and 7 (IC(50)=291.14+/-2.53microM) showed an excellent antiglycation activity better than the standard (rutin, IC(50)=294.46+/-1.50microM). This study has identified a series(More)
6-Chloro-2-Aryl-1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine derivatives 1-26 were synthesized and characterized by various spectroscopic techniques. All these derivatives were evaluated for their antiglycation, antioxidant and β-glucuronidase potential followed their docking studies. In antiglycation assay, compound 2 (IC50=240.10±2.50μM) and 4 (IC50=240.30±2.90μM) was found(More)
BACKGROUND Many species of the genus Inocybe (family Cortinariaceae, higher Basidiomycetes) are muscarine-containing mycorrhizal mushrooms, ubiquitous around the world. The few published reports on the poisonous Inocybe mushrooms are often limited by the inadequate identification of the species. The clinical course of patients with typical muscarinic(More)
Molecular hybridization yielded phenyl linked oxadiazole-benzohydrazones hybrids 6-35 and were evaluated for their antileishmanial potentials. Compound 10, a 3,4-dihydroxy analog with IC50 value of 0.95 ± 0.01 μM, was found to be the most potent antileishmanial agent (7 times more active) than the standard drug pentamidine (IC50 = 7.02 ± 0.09 μM). The(More)
Thirty N-arylidenequinoline-3-carbohydrazides (1-30) have been synthesized and evaluated against β-glucuronidase inhibitory potential. Twenty four analogs showed outstanding β-glucuronidase activity having IC50 values ranging between 2.11±0.05 and 46.14±0.95 than standard d-saccharic acid 1,4 lactone (IC50=48.4±1.25μM). Six analogs showed good(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine whether there is any association between serum levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25(OH) vitamin D) and the recurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs) among premenopausal women. METHODS During a period of 3 years, 93 premenopausal women with a medical history of recurrent UTIs were enrolled from the Infectious Diseases Unit. Cases(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Submandibular gland excision is the treatment of choice in chronic pathology resistant to medical treatments or in oncological cases. The aim of this study was to analyse its current postoperative complications. MATERIAL & METHODS Retrospective study on submandibular gland excisions performed at our University Hospital between(More)
Benzothiazole derivatives 1-26 have been synthesized and their in vitro β-glucuronidase potential has been evaluated. Compounds 4 (IC(50)=8.9 ± 0.25 μM), 5 (IC(50)=36.1 ± 1.80 μM), 8 (IC(50)=8.9 ± 0.38 μM), 13 (IC(50)=19.4 ± 1.00 μM), 16 (IC(50)=4.23 ± 0.054 μM), and 18 (IC(50)=2.26 ± 0.06 μM) showed β-glucuronidase activity potent than the standard(More)
Thirty derivatives of flavone hydrazone (5-34) had been synthesized through a five-step reaction and screened for their α-glucosidase inhibition activity. Chalcone 1 was synthesized through aldol condensation then subjected through oxidative cyclization, esterification, and condensation reaction to afford the final products. The result for baker's yeast(More)
In our effort directed toward the discovery of new anti-diabetic agent for the treatment of diabetes, a library of biscoumarin derivative 1-18 was synthesized and evaluated for α-glucosidase inhibitory potential. All eighteen (18) compounds displayed assorted α-glucosidase activity with IC50 values 16.5-385.9 μM, if compared with the standard acarbose (IC50(More)