Muhammad Syahir Abd Wahab

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The present paper is about the species composition, diversity, equitability, richness and concentration of dominance of tree species along an altitudinal gradient of District Dir Lower Hindukush range of Pakistan. A total of 15 stands in Monotheca buxifolia (Falc.) A.D forests were analyzed at an elevation of 1370m to 1670m asl. The vegetation analysis(More)
It is shown by coarse-grained off-lattice Monte Carlo simulations that a geometrically induced frustration of the parallel arrangement of rigid achiral bolaform amphiphiles can cause chirality in self-assembled nanostructures. The amphiphilic molecules are represented as rigid linear chains of 8 equally sized hydrophobic spheres (tail) and a hydrophilic(More)
Using Derjaguin's approximation, we have evaluated the interaction energy associated with van der Waals, electrostatic, depletion, and capillary forces between colloidal spheroids. If the interaction range between spheroids is distinctly smaller than the lengths of their principal axes, then simple pair potentials that depend on particle distance and(More)
The macroscopic theory of capillarity is usually applied to evaluate the adhesion forces produced by fluid bridges between solid particles. A refined mesoscopic description incorporates the disjoining pressure, which results from the long range forces between the fluid and the solid substrates. In the case of simple nonpolar fluids the influence of the(More)
Monte Carlo simulations provide some insight into the self-assembly of amphiphiles in aqueous environment. A rather simple solvent-free model, with only two adjustable parameters in the effective pair potential, allows one to describe the formation of micelles, stable curved membranes, and metastable vesicles. Characteristic features of the self-assembled(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the factors affecting the adoption of broadband Internet in a developing country context by focusing upon Malaysia. The data relating to these factors was collected using a survey approach. The findings of this paper suggest that constructs such as relative advantage, utilitarian outcomes, service quality and primary(More)
Part 1: Studies on Diffusion and Adoption 1 The Diffusion of Research on the Adoption and Diffusion of Information Technology Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Michael D. Williams, and Banita Lal 3 2 Citation Patterns in MIS: An Analysis of Exemplar Articles Tor J. Larsen and Linda Levine 23 3 Understanding the Diffusion and Adoption of Telecommunication Innovations: What(More)
A simple mathematical model for the depletion force between two arbitrarily shaped large convex colloidal particles immersed in a suspension of small spherical particles is proposed. Using differential geometry, the interaction potential is expressed in terms of the mean and Gaussian curvature of the particle surfaces. The accuracy of theoretical results is(More)
Lipid metabolism is accompanied by the solubilization of lipid bilayer membranes by bile salts. We use Brownian dynamics simulations to study the solubilization of model membranes and vesicles by sodium cholate. The solubilization pathways of small and large vesicles are found to be different. Both results for small and large vesicles can be compared with(More)
Attractive interactions between adjacent spheroids and excluded volume effects favor their parallel alignment. Parallel spheroids can be arranged into a variety of densely packed two-dimensional and three-dimensional lattice configurations. All of these configurations turn out to have the same lattice energy. A similar degeneracy is also found for several(More)