Muhammad Shahin Uddin

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Provisioning of quality of service (QoS) is a key issue in visible light communication (VLC) system as well as in other wireless communication systems. Due to the fact that QoS requirements are not as strict for all traffic types, more calls of higher priority traffic classes can be accommodated by blocking some more calls of lower priority traffic classes.(More)
"Green" and energy-efficient wireless communication schemes have recently experienced rapid development and garnered much interest. One such scheme is visible light communication (VLC) which is being touted as one of the next generation wireless communication systems. VLC allows communication using multi-color channels that provide high data rates and(More)
Due to limited resources in wireless communication, an effective resource allocation mechanism is needed to optimize utilization by reducing blocking probability and dropped call rates. When different users with different priorities use the same network resource, utilization of the resource according to the priority is important. This idea, along with(More)
In this paper, a highly sensitive gas sensor based on the microstructure core and cladding photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is presented over the wavelength range from 1.3 to 2.2 μm, which is advantageous for sensor fabrication. The guiding properties of the proposed structure are dependent on geometrical parameters and wavelengths, which are numerically(More)
Microstrip patch antenna becomes very popular day by day because of its ease of analysis and fabrication, low cost, light weight, easy to feed and their attractive radiation characteristics. Although patch antenna has numerous advantages, it has also some drawbacks such as restricted bandwidth, low gain and a potential decrease in radiation pattern. In(More)
Speckle noise is a major shortcoming of any type of ultrasound imaging. Hence, speckle reduction is vital in providing a better clinical diagnosis. The key objective of any speckle reduction algorithm is to attain a speckle free image, whilst preserving the important anatomical features. In this paper, we introduce a nonlinear multi-scale complex wavelet(More)
Path mapping and finding the desired path for a mobile cleaning robot in order to perform cleaning efficiently is a difficult task. Moreover, in complex indoor environments, avoiding collision with other furniture or equipment is a big problem for mobile cleaning robot. In the case wireless control link should be robust for accurate moving along the desired(More)
Ultrasound (US) imaging is a widely used clinical diagnostic tool in medical imaging techniques. It is a comparatively safe, economical, painless, portable, and noninvasive real-time tool compared to the other imaging modalities. However, the image quality of US imaging is severely affected by the presence of speckle noise and blur during the acquisition(More)