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Enumeration and classification of mathematical entities is an important part of mathematical research in particular in finite algebra. For algebraic structures that are more general than groups this task is often only feasible by use of computers due to the sheer number of structures that have to be considered. In this paper we present the enumeration and(More)
Web applications have gained an enormous increase in popularity for providing various facilities online, such as e-shopping, e-banking, e-ticketing, e-learning etc. As the use of web applications grow, there is an increase in the attacks on web applications as well. Among these attacking techniques, SQL Injection has been emerging as one of the most(More)
Food borne diseases are an increasingly recognized problem involving a wide spectrum of illnesses caused by bacterial contamination of food. Enterobacteriaceae poses potential human health problems and is mainly transmitted through consumption of contaminated foods. Karachi is one of the biggest and thickly populated city of Pakistan where majority of the(More)
Shortly before his death in 1995, Kenneth B. Schwartz, a cancer patient at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) founded The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center at MGH. The Schwartz Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing compassionate health care delivery, which provides hope to the patient and support to caregivers and encourages(More)
The “User-support” plays a vital role in getting the objectives of universal quality of being able to provide better services for both IT technological devices and websites. The current developments in this technology show that human participation in the “user-support” is first priority towards this target. On the other hand,(More)
Six compounds have been isolated from methanolic and petroleum ether extracts of Berberis lycium (Barberry). Four out of six isolated compounds are reported for the first time from this plant. Purification of different compounds has been accomplished by conventional extraction and chromatographic techniques. The compounds have been structurally(More)
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