Muhammad Saqib Niaz

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One of the problems associated with outsourcing data to cloud service providers is the data integrity of outsourced data. In this paper we present data integrity techniques for the outsourced data. Data integrity encompasses the completeness, correctness and freshness of the data. This paper focuses on the Merkle Hash Tree based data integrity techniques.(More)
In the crystal structure of the title compound, C(11)H(11)FO(2), the methine CH forms an intra-molecular hydrogen bond with the carboxyl- O atom. The mol-ecules form dimers through hydrogen bonding between carboxyl- groups. These dimers are linked to each other by C-H⋯O contacts between the benzene and carbonyl groups of adjoining mol-ecules. In addition,(More)
According to Pascual-Leone, potential for learning in the neo-Piagetian framework complements the neo-Vygotskian framework for assessment of learning potential, a manifestation of the child's zone of proximal development. Data obtained in a 1998 study by Niaz and Caraucan with three groups of children (7- to 10-yr.-olds, N=94) are reinterpreted as showing(More)
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