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This study describes the first large-scale serosurvey on West Nile virus (WNV) conducted in the equine population in Pakistan. Sera were collected from 449 equids from two provinces of Pakistan during 2012-2013. Equine serum samples were screened using a commercial ELISA kit detecting antibodies against WNV and related flaviviruses. ELISA-positive samples(More)
Collection of samples and serum separation From Faisalabad, a total of 1053 children under 10 years of age were surveyed from September, 2013 to May, 2014 about vaccination and disease history of measles. Out of these, 182 blood samples (132 from vaccinated and 50 from non-vaccinated individuals) were collected randomly. Similarly during the same period,(More)
Peste des petits ruminants virus (PPRV) is causing infectious disease with high morbidity and mortality rate in domestic and wild small ruminants of Pakistan with valuable economical losses. The present study was carried out to investigate risk factors of PPRV in domestic small ruminants which were present in the vicinity of wildlife parks. A total of 265(More)
Measles is a highly infectious and contagious disease of the respiratory system caused by Morbilivirus (Hashiguchi et al., 2011). The clinical disease has been characterized by high fever , cough, conjunctivitis, coryza, malaise, maculopapular rash and erythematous patches throughout the body along with increased mortality among non-vaccinated children(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the occurrence of bacterial pathogens responsible for diarrhea and to engender information regarding the effectiveness of commonly used antibiotic against diarrhea. METHODS This cross-sectional study was conducted between April and July 2014. Samples were collected from the Divisional Headquarter and Allied Hospital, Faisalabad,(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, antibiotic resistance has been indicated as a paramount threat to public health. The use of bacteriophages appears to be a safer alternative for the control of bacterial infections. OBJECTIVES The present study aims to explore sewage water for the presence of indigenous bacteriophages, and to investigate their antibacterial(More)
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