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The atmospheric rate of dust fall has been reported to be the pollution indicator of urban area of Northwest of Balochistan, Pakistan. The multiplicity and complexity of sources of atmospheric dusts in urban regions has put forward the need of distribution of these sources indicating their contribution to specific environmental receptor. The present study(More)
The present study was performed with fuzzy logic (FL) time series prediction modeling on a twenty years hourly averaged wind data, that is, 1985 to 2004 for Quetta, Pakistan. A free fuzzy logic design was followed and hourly wind data for spring prediction were obtained (February, March and April). It was found that the prediction is reliable and precise.(More)
Tightening of air quality standards for populated urban areas has led to increasing attention to assessment of air quality management areas, where violation of air quality standards occurs, and development of control strategies to eliminate such violation of air quality standards. The Quetta urban area is very densely built and has heavy motorized traffic.(More)
The components and quantities of atmospheric dust fallout have been reported to be the pollution indicator of large urban areas. The multiplicity and complexity of sources of atmospheric dusts in urban regions has put forward the need for source apportionment of these sources in order to indicate) their contribution to a specific environmental receptor. The(More)
The applications of CO2 continuous-wave lasers in neurosurgery have become important in recent years. Theoretical considerations of laser applicability in medicine are subsequently confirmed experimentally. To obtain precision operation in the laser cutting process, further theoretical developments and experimental studies need to be conducted.(More)
The cyclic voltammetric behaviour of alpha-methyldopa at a silicon oil carbon paste electrode has been reported. This allowed the development of a quantitative method to determine alpha-methyldopa in LiCl, KCl, NaCl, HCl, H2SO4 and CH3COOH as supporting electrolytes. For qualitative characteristics, alpha-methyldopa showed an ECC mechanism in terms of(More)
Electrochemical oxidation of bendrofluazide was performed using cyclic voltammetry at a silicon oil impregnated carbon paste electrode (CPE) vs. Ag|AgCl reference electrode. Various qualitative parameters such as Ep, ip, betanb, and D were determined in aqueous KCl, NaCl, NH4Cl, KOH, NaOH, NH4OH, HCl, CH3COOH and H2SO4 systems. Bendrofluazide showed an(More)
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