Muhammad Salman Raheel

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With the evolution in mobile systems technology it is possible to provide high data rate applications to the end user. Apart from the bottleneck problem in the core network, efficient utilization of the air interface remains a big challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to have intelligent resource management mechanisms in order to provide precise quality to(More)
With the advent of community portals and video sharing websites, production and consumption of multimedia content has increased tremendously. It is because of excellent video recording capabilities of cameras available with mobile devices, and enhanced data rates offered by cellular networks, that the uploading of high quality multimedia content is more(More)
Technology has its limitations and problems. Power generation and transmission systems also have some intricacies. Major hindrances involved in achieving efficient power transmission are the effect of harmonics that distorts the required waveform. The paper proposed a methodology that detects the harmonics present in the current drawn by the induction motor(More)
The increase in data rates provided by cellular networks and the development of mobile devices capable of recording good quality videos has resulted in increased amount of user generated content. This content can be made available live as well as on-demand for the viewers. Nowadays, most of the video traffic is rate adaptive HTTP based knows as DASH. The(More)
This paper addresses the data collection problem for streaming video over a decentralized MANET to improve the average video quality received among the users. The solution to such a problem is known to be NP complete. Therefore, an adaptive data collection technique is proposed to shares the video meta data available across the nodes among other nodes in(More)
This paper presents the verified methodology for wireless authentication system using infrared barcode based scanner. An alternate approach of scanning a barcode using an infrared communication is implemented here, comprises of a card on which a barcode is printed is illuminated with an infrared beam. The reflections from the card are received by an(More)
Scalable video coding is used with peer to peer networks to minimize the upload bandwidth of peers and to reduce the effects of churn. We have formulated an NP complete optimization problem to describe the upload bandwidth at each peer. We proposed an approximation algorithm to solve this problem. Furthermore, seed servers are deployed in the network to(More)
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