Muhammad Sajid

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Distance measurements by pulse electron paramagnetic resonance techniques are increasingly applied to systems that contain more than two spin labels. Under typical experimental conditions this leads to signal contributions from sum and difference combinations of dipolar frequencies. As these contributions are neglected in the expressions used in data(More)
Nanotechnology has revolutionized the world through introduction of a unique class of materials and consumer products in many arenas. It has led to production of innovative materials and devices. Despite of their unique advantages and applications in domestic and industrial sectors, use of materials with dimensions in nanometers has raised the issue of(More)
Distance measurements by pulse electron paramagnetic resonance techniques are increasingly applied to multiple-spin systems. In the double electron-electron resonance experiment, more than two dipolar coupled spins manifest in an increased total modulation depth and in sum and difference dipolar frequency contributions that give rise to additional peaks(More)
A pot experiment was conducted to assess role of added silicon (Si) in alleviating cadmium-induced oxidative stress in wheat cultivars (AARI-2011, Cd-sensitive and FSD-2008, Cd-tolerant). Plants were exposed to different levels of CdCl2 (0, 25, 50, and 75 μM Cd/kg) along with sodium silicate (0 and 1.5 mM) at the boot stage. Cadmium stress resulted in a(More)
Ethynylene and p-phenylene are frequently employed constitutional units in constructing the backbone of nanoscopic molecules with specific shape and mechanical or electronic function. How well these properties are defined depends on the flexibility of the backbone, which can be characterized via the end-to-end distance distribution. This distribution is(More)
Antimicrobial activities of honey against bacteria and fungi are extensively reported in the scientific literature. However, its nematicidal potential has not been characterized so far. This study examined the effect of natural honey on model nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and analyzed the honey component(s) responsible for nematicidal activity.(More)
The intramolecular cyclohexylene-bridged P/B frustrated Lewis pair [Mes(2)P-C(6)H(10)-B(C(6)F(5))(2)] 1b reacts rapidly with NO to give the persistent FLP-NO aminoxyl radical 2b formed by P/B addition to the nitrogen atom of NO. This species was fully characterized by X-ray diffraction, EPR and UV/vis spectroscopies, C,H,N elemental analysis, and DFT(More)
Hydroboration of dimesitylnorbornenylphosphane with Piers' borane [HB(C6F5)2] gave the frustrated Lewis pair (FLP) 4 in good yield. It has the -PMes2 Lewis base attached at the 2-endo position and the -B(C6F5)2 group 3-exo oriented at the norbornane framework. The vicinal FLP 4 was shown by X-ray diffraction and by spectroscopy to be a rare example of an(More)