Muhammad Saffar Mirjat

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In recent years biochar has been demonstrated to be a useful amendment to sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emission from the soil to the atmosphere. Hence it can help to mitigate global environment change. Some studies have shown that biochar addition to agricultural soils increases crop production. The mechanisms involved are: increased soil(More)
BACKGROUND Biochar has been mostly used in conventional arable soils for improving soil fertility. This study investigated the effect of biochars of different temperatures on plant growth and desert soil properties. Biochars of different temperatures (i.e. 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 °C) were mixed in the soil with 5% by mass, and the treatments were(More)
The hydraulic conductivity of the soil is function of soil water pressure, soil water content, and the soil moisture retention. The soil hydraulic properties are needed for understanding water balance, irrigation and transport processes. Hence, saturated hydraulic properties of surface soils influence rainfall and snowmelt into runoff and soil water(More)
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