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The most common malignancy in women is breast cancer. Drug resistance in the treatment of cancer still remains a major clinical concern. Resistance to tamoxifen is seen in half of the recurrences in breast cancer. The anti-estrogen tamoxifen gains agonistic property by transactivating ERα. PAK1-mediated phosphorylation of serine 305 (S305) of ERα leads to(More)
Caspases are important initiators and most well-known finishers of apoptosis. By changing the death propagation homeostatic equilibrium, their different expression patterns might trigger the progression of hazardous diseases like cancer. miR-221 is an oncogenic miRNA. It is known to have both anti-angiogenic and angiogenic effect. The aim of this work was(More)
EvaGreen multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction (EMRT-PCR) was designed for an assay that can join the advantages of multiplex PCR and real-time PCR to recognize animal genes more quickly in pet foods. EMRT-PCR based on melting temperatures discrimination by using EvaGreen fluorescence dye was developed for the analysis of pork and poultry in pet(More)
A microfluidic bioreactor with an easy to fabricate nano-plasmonic surface is demonstrated for studies of biofilms and their precursor materials via Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS). The system uses a novel design to induce sheath flow confinement of a sodium citrate biofilm precursor stream against the SERS imaging surface to measure spatial(More)
A duplex real-time PCR assay with melting curve analysis, using the EvaGreen fluorescence dye, was developed for rapid and reliable identification of bovine and caprine in ruminant feeds. The method merges the use of bovine (Bos taurus) and caprine (Capra hircus) specific primers that amplify small fragments (bovine 96 bp and caprine 142 bp) of the(More)
We build on the concept of hot intrusion embossing to develop a one-step fabrication method for thermoplastic microfluidic channels containing integrated three-dimensional features. This was accomplished with simple, rapid-to-fabricate imprint templates containing microcavities that locally control the intrusion of heated thermoplastic based on their(More)
A perceptually uniform color space has been long desired for a wide range of imaging applications. Such a color space should be able to represent a color pixel in three unique and independent attributes (lightness, chroma, and hue). Such a space would be perceptually uniform over a wide gamut, linear in iso-hue directions, and can predict both small and(More)
We report the development of a microfluidic flow-templating platform with multi-modal characterization for studies of biofilms and their precursor materials. A key feature is a special three inlet flow-template compartment, which confines and controls the location of biofilm growth against a template wall. Characterization compartments include Raman imaging(More)
Continuing our previous research on color image compression, we move towards spectral image compression. This enormous amount of data needs more space to store and more time to transmit. To manage this sheer amount of data, researchers have investigated different techniques so that image quality can be conserved and compressibility can be improved. The(More)
Five equivalence classes had been found for systems of two second-order ordinary differential equations, transformable to linear equations linearizable systems by a change of variables. An “optimal or simplest canonical form” of linear systems had been established to obtain the symmetry structure, namely, with 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 15-dimensional Lie(More)