Muhammad Sabir Farooq

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BACKGROUND The anaesthetic management of patients with Morquio syndrome is complicated by a number of factors including odontoid hypoplasia, atlantoaxial instability, thoracic kyphosis, and deposition of mucopolysaccharides in the soft tissue of the oropharnyx. CASE PRESENTATION Herein we describe the anaesthetic considerations and management of a 26 year(More)
Colorectal cancer is a common type of cancer in developed countries and is an important public health problem. Patients with colorectal cancer presents in a variety of ways in different settings. Most commonly, they present in the outpatient settings with changes in bowel habits, rectal bleeding and iron deficiency anaemia. This case reports an atypical(More)
The global availability of a therapeutically effective influenza virus vaccine during a pandemic remains a major challenge for the biopharmaceutical industry. Long production time, coupled with decreased supply of embryonated chicken eggs (ECE), significantly affects the conventional vaccine production. Transformed cell lines have attained regulatory(More)
We present a case of accessory gallbladder demonstrating an anatomical variation not previously reported. While rare, accessory gallbladders are an important consideration if a cholecystectomy is to be performed. We also present a brief literature review of accessory gallbladders.
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