Muhammad S Quraishi

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Thyroid nodule is a common presentation and requires a structured diagnostic approach to ascertain the risk of malignancy and determine appropriate management. This review article highlights the key points in the history and examination which can help with risk stratification. It also discussed the application of fine needle aspiration cytology findings and(More)
Angiofibromas are nasopharyngeal tumours mostly seen in adolescent males. They usually present with nasal obstruction and epistaxis. They account for less than 0.5% of all head and neck tumours. Extranasopharyngeal angiofibromas although rare, have been reported (Ali et al., 1982). The most common extranasopharyngeal site is the maxillary sinus. We report a(More)
UNLABELLED We describe video imaging as a technique for assessing neuromuscular blockade at the larynx. We sought to determine the stability and reproducibility of this technique and to compare the effect of succinylcholine at the adductor pollicis and the larynx. Ten patients were studied. Anesthesia was induced and maintained with propofol. The recurrent(More)
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