Muhammad Rizwan Saleem

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A series of eighteen 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives have been synthesized by treating aromatic acid hydrazides with carbon disulfide in ethanolic potassium hydroxide yielding potassium salts of 1,3,4-oxadiazoles. Upon neutralization with 1 N hydrochloric acid yielded crude crystals of 1,3,4-oxadiazoles, which were purified by recrystallization in boiling(More)
A series of six 2,5-disubstituted 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives with various length of conjugation have been synthesized and their optical properties including UV-visible absorption spectra, fluorescence emission spectra, molar absorption co-efficient, Stokes shift and the relative fluorescence quantum yield were measured in a variety of organic solvents.(More)
In order to investigate the inheritance pattern of indeterminate growth in Vigna radiata, various related traits were studied. The techniques used for the purpose were generation mean and variance analyses. Narrow sense heritability estimates were also computed. Four out of fifty greengram accessions were selected during preliminary screen trial based on(More)
We review the significance of optical thin films by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) method to fabricate nanophotonic devices and structures. ALD is a versatile technique to deposit functional coatings on reactive surfaces with conformal growth of compound materials, precise thickness control capable of angstrom resolution, and coverage of high aspect ratio(More)
Four new ecdysteroids (1-4), along with three known steroids, β-ecdysone (5), 5-β-2-deoxyintegristerone A (6) and 24-epi-makisterone A (7) (Fig. 1), were isolated from the methanolic extract of the flowers of Aerva javanica by using normal and reverse phase chromatography. The structures of the new compounds (1-4) were determined due to 1D ((1)H and (13)C),(More)
Due to the deleterious effects of mercury on human health and natural ecosystems, high reactivity, non-degradability, extreme volatility and relative water and tissue solubility, it would consider as one of the most toxic environmental pollutants among the transition metals. In the present investigation, we have tried to summarized the several organic(More)
A successful prescription is presented for acetylcholinesterase physically adsorbed on to a mesoporous silicon surface, with a promising hydrolytic response towards acetylthiocholine iodide. The catalytic behaviour of the immobilized enzyme was assessed by spectrophotometric bioassay using neostigmine methyl sulfate as a standard acetycholinesterase(More)
Herein, we reported the ditriazole Schiff base derivative 1 and evaluated its photophysical properties on induction of varieties of metal ions including Na+, Ag+, Ni2+, Mn2+, Pd2+, Co2+, Hg2+, Cu2+, Pb2+, Cd2+, Zn2+, Sn2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Cr3+ and Al3+, in order to figure out its potential as ion sensor. The ligand 1 exhibited the strong colorimetric change in(More)
A series of aralkanoic acids was converted into aralkanoic acid hydrazides through their esters formation. The aralkanoic acid hydrazides upon treatment with carbon disulfide and methanolic potassium hydroxide yielded potassium dithiocarbazinate salts, which on refluxing with aqueous hydrazine hydrate yielded 5-aralkyl-4-amino-3-mercapto-1,2,4-triazoles.(More)