Muhammad Raza Khan

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the difference between pre- and post-menopausal breast cancer regarding menstrual and reproductive risk factors METHODS The case-control study was conducted in Mayo Hospital, Lahore, between October 2008 and April 2009. Cases were breast cancer patients admitted in the surgical and oncology floors of the hospital. Controls were(More)
Churn prediction, or the task of identifying customers who are likely to discontinue use of a service, is an important and lucrative concern of firms in many different industries. As these firms collect an increasing amount of large-scale, heterogeneous data on the characteristics and behaviors of customers, new methods become possible for predicting churn.(More)
Recently, mobile operators in many developing economies have launched “Mobile Money” platforms that deliver basic financial services over the mobile phone network. While many believe that these services can improve the lives of the poor, a consistent difficulty has been identifying individuals most likely to benefit from access to the new technology. Here,(More)
Beyond the well-studied problem of scale in Big Data systems, the high velocity at which new data is generated and moved around introduces new challenges. It becomes critical to build systems that can process high speed data efficiently in order to extract useful insights, having access to Big Data is not good unless you can turn it into value. As opposed(More)
We explore the extent to which gender disparities in Pakistan are reflected in the anonymized mobile phone logs of millions of Pakistani residents. Our analysis uses data capturing the communications behavior of several million individuals, for whom we observe the gender, but no additional demographic or personally identifying information. Here, we focus on(More)
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