Muhammad Rashid

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The skin cancer was analyzed by dermoscopy helpful for dermatologists. The classification of melanoma and carcinoma such as basal cell, squamous cell, and merkel cell carcinomas tumors can be increased the sensitivity and specificity. The detection of an automated border is an important step for the correctness of subsequent phases in the computerized(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Automated border detection is an important and challenging task in the computerized analysis of dermoscopy images. However, dermoscopic images often contain artifacts such as illumination, dermoscopic gel, and outline (hair, skin lines, ruler markings, and blood vessels). As a result, there is a need for robust methods to remove artifacts(More)
With the recent evolution of technology, the number of image archives has increased exponentially. In Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR), high-level visual information is represented in the form of low-level features. The semantic gap between the low-level features and the high-level image concepts is an open research problem. In this paper, we present a(More)
Effective mapping of multimedia applications on massively parallel embedded systems is a challenging demand in the domain of compiler design. The software implementations of emerging multimedia applications are often huge and it is virtually impossible to analyze these applications for parallel processing without generic automated tools. This paper proposes(More)
To verify embedded systems early in the design stages, we need formal ways to requirements specification which can be as close as possible to natural language interpretation, away from the lower ESL/RTL levels. This paper proposes to contribute to the FSL (Formal Specification Level) by specifying natural language requirements graphically in the form of(More)
MANET security has long been an issue for its infrastructure-less nature. The sort of networks gives rise to authentication and key-management problems in MANETs. The absolute TTP based schemes seem to be infeasible for being adopted in MANETs and so are the non-TTP based self-organized schemes which suffer security problems regarding key identity of nodes.(More)
Cryptographic algorithms are widely used for security purposes in embedded systems domain. Hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms have a significant importance because of maximum security provision. There are various approaches for hardware implementation such as ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), GPPs (General Purpose(More)