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Requirement engineering is one of the most significant phases of software engineering. Success or failure of any software project relies heavily on better requirement engineering process. Better awareness of the requirements is fundamental for requirements engineering. Requirement Prioritization is an important component of requirement engineering process.(More)
The right requirements are considered as a part and parcel of software quality. Since the emergence of software engineering the perfect requirements have a deeper effect on the overall quality of software systems. This research paper is focusing on the shortcomings or limitations of existing software requirements prioritization techniques and paves the way(More)
The effect of prenatal protein deprivation on timing of neurogenesis and on number of neurons generated in the serotonergic dorsal (DR) and median raphe (MR) nuclei of the rat was studied. These neurons are of interest because their neurogenesis occurs during the period of malnutrition and their axonal projections participate in the earliest stages of brain(More)
Prioritizing requirements helps the project team to understand which requirements are most important and most urgent. Based on this finding a software engineer can decide what to develop/implement in the first release and what on the coming releases. Prioritization is also a useful activity for decision making in other phases of software engineering like(More)
Requirement Prioritization is a very critical but often neglected area of requirement engineering. Experience has shown that without proper prioritization of requirements presented by various stakeholders, the end product usually fails to meet its objectives optimally. In fact in many instances, the product is considered a failure because it fails to meet(More)
Software maintenance is considered one of the most important issues in software engineering which has some serious implications in term of cost and effort. It consumes enormous amount of organization's overall resources. On the other hand, software architecture of an application has considerable effect on quality factors such as maintainability,(More)