Muhammad Ramzan Saeed Ashraf Janjua

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A green synthesis route for the production of silver nanoparticles using methanol extract from Solanum xanthocarpum berry (SXE) is reported in the present investigation. Silver nanoparticles (AgNps), having a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) band centered at 406 nm, were synthesized by reacting SXE (as capping as well as reducing agent) with AgNO(3) during a(More)
A novel sequence for reversible second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) molecular switching with protonation/deprotonation has been achieved and tuned as well. The NLO switching with first hyperpolarizabilities (beta(0)) as low as 14 x 10(-30) esu (Off-phase) and as large as 1189 x 10(-30) esu (On-phase) have been computed by using density functional theory(More)
This work was inspired by a previous report (Janjua et al. J. Phys. Chem. A 2009, 113, 3576-3587) in which the nonlinear-optical (NLO) response strikingly improved with an increase in the conjugation path of the ligand and the nature of hexamolybdates (polyoxometalates, POMs) was changed into a donor by altering the direction of charge transfer with a(More)
In this work, a potential semiorganic nonlinear optical candidate NH4B[D-(+)-(C4H4O5)]2·H2O (NBC) has been studied using Density Functional Theory. The origin of the second harmonic generation (SHG) effect of NBC crystals for the NH4B[D-(+)-(C4H4O5)]2·H2O molecular complex is explained by employing a combination of the density of states, SHG density and(More)
Morphologically controlled synthesis of ferric oxide nano/micro particles has been carried out by using solvothermal route. Structural characterization displays that the predominant morphologies are porous hollow spheres, microspheres, micro rectangular platelets, octahedral and irregular shaped particles. It is also observed that solvent has significant(More)
The dipole polarizabilities, dipole moments, density of states, and second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of organoimido derivatives of hexamolybdates have been investigated by using time-dependent density functional response theory. This class of organic-inorganic hybrid compounds possesses remarkably large and eye-catching molecular second-order(More)
In this study we have used density functional theory (DFT) to calculate nonlinear optical properties and simulate the UV-VIS absorption spectra of ruthenium acetylide complexes.Among the studied systems, system 4 has shown highest non-linear optical properties (a = 72.92 × 10(-24)esu and b = 76.32 × 10(-30)esu).New compounds have been theoretically designed(More)
We have explored an innovative, versatile, and novel molecular hybrid containing polyoxometalate (POM) cluster linked with terpyridine ligand via pi-bridged donor-acceptor (D-A) configuration. The dipole polarizabilities, density of states, and second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) properties of terpyridine-substituted hexamolybdates have been investigated(More)
BACKGROUND Carica papaya is a well known medicinal plant used in the West and Asian countries to cope several diseases. Patients were advised to eat papaya fruit frequently during dengue fever epidemic in Pakistan by physicians. This study was conducted to establish Polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidant potential profile of extracts of all major parts of(More)
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