Muhammad Rahmat Widyanto

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To improve recognition and generalization capability of back-propagation neural networks (BPNN), a hidden layer self-organization inspired by immune algorithm called SONIA, is proposed. B cell construction mechanism of immune algorithm inspires a creation of hidden units having local data recognition ability that improves recognition capability. B cell(More)
To improve the accuracy on bone marrow white blood cell segmentation, 3D structuring element based multiscale morphology is proposed. Combination of HSV color model and multiscale on structuring element can segment nucleus of white blood cell easily and accurately. By using color bone marrow white blood cell images from the CellAtlas, the experimental(More)
Particle filter for object tracking could achieve high tracking accuracy. To track the object, this method generates a number of particles which is the representation of the candidate target object. The location of target object is determined by particles and each weight. The disadvantage of conventional particle filter is the computational time especially(More)
To deal with unknown odor recognition problem for a developed artificial odor discrimination system, Euclidean Fuzzy similarity-based Self-Organized Network inspired by Immune Algorithm (EF-SONIA) is proposed. Euclidean fuzzy similarity enables a zero similarity calculation between an unknown odor vector and hidden unit vectors, so that the system can(More)