Muhammad Rafiq Mufti

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Along with the tremendous expansion of information technology and networking, the number of malicious attacks which cause disruption to business processes has concurrently increased. Despite such attacks, the aim for network administrators is to enable these systems to continue delivering the services they are intended for. Currently, many research efforts(More)
Avoiding collision among contending customer premise equipments (CPEs) attempting to associate with a base station (BS), the only available solution in IEEE 802.22 standard is binary exponential random backoff process in which the contending CPEs retransmit their association requests. The number of attempts the CPEs sends their requests to the BS are fixed(More)
The objective of the research work was to create an Audible Search Engine for Visually Impaired Users, in order to improve their accessibility to find their desired results. In order to fulfill the desired objective, the preliminary study was performed, based on the observation conducted with the blinds that used assistive technology to navigate the Web.(More)
Given the increasing dependence of our societies on network information systems and the efforts being provided by security communities to secure their networks, a strong sense of insecurity still prevails. Therefore, there is a need for new countermeasures against these cyber-attacks which causes disruption to business processes. The evaluation approaches(More)
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