Muhammad Rafiq Asim

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Snakehead fish vesiculovirus (SHVV) is a negative strand RNA virus which can cause great economic losses in fish culture. To facilitate the study of SHVV-host interactions, the susceptibility of zebrafish embryonic fibroblast cell line (ZF4) to the SHVV was investigated in this report. The results showed that high amount of viral mRNAs and cRNAs were(More)
Mannose receptor (MR) is a member of pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs), which plays a significant role in immunity responses. Much work on MR has been done in mammals and birds while little in fish. In this report, a MR gene (designated as zfMR) was cloned from zebra fish (Danio rerio), which is an attractive model for the studies of animal diseases. The(More)
Mannose receptor (MR) plays a significant role in innate immune responses to pathogens in vertebrates. Here we characterized the first teleost MR from Megalobrama amblycephala, named maMR and its expression patterns were investigated. The full-length maMR consists of 5,295 bp encoding a putative protein of 1,433 amino acids. The predicted amino acid(More)
Software cost estimation (SCE) of a project is pivotal to the acceptance or rejection of the development of software project. Various SCE techniques have been in practice with their own strengths and limitations. The latest of these is object-oriented one. Currently object-oriented approach for SCE is based on Line of Code (LOC), function points, functions(More)
Software (SW) development is a very tough task which requires a skilled project leader for its success. If the project leader is not skilled enough then project may fail. In the real world of SW engineering 65% of the SW projects fail to meet their objectives as in [1]. The main reason is lack of training of the project mangers. This extreme ratio of(More)
Primary headache disorders account for the majority of the cases of headache. Nevertheless, the primary objective of a physician, when encountered with a patient with headache is to rule out a secondary cause the headache. This entails a search for specific associated red-flag symptoms or signs that may indicate a serious condition, as well as a heightened(More)
A renal transplant patient developed a lymphocele soon after an episode of acute rejection (AR). The lymphocele rapidly increased in size causing transplant ureteric and venous obstruction, leading to acute graft dysfunction and swelling of the ipsilateral leg. We appraise the complex relationship that exists between AR, lymphangiogenesis and lymphocele(More)
A 50-year-old man presented with pancytopenia and chronic renal impairment. He had evidence of intravascular haemolysis. The direct antiglobulin (Coomb's) test was negative. Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH) was diagnosed by the Ham acid haemolysis test. There were no other clinical risk factors that could be implicated in chronic kidney disease(More)
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