Muhammad Qomarul Huda

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Research on innovation in organizations has mainly focused on adoption phase as compared to implementation phase of innovation. Implementation is the critical gateway between the decision to adopt an innovation and the routine use of the innovation. In the case of IT innovation, while the development of IT innovation is relatively controllable, the actual(More)
Information Technology (IT) innovation implementation in an organization seems to be more challenging than expected. IT innovation adoption is relatively controllable, while the investigating way of work of IT implementation is far more difficult to control as it involves complex interactions among individuals, technology, and the environment. Similar to(More)
IT Implementation in higher education institutions has generated the repetition of a large number of problems and failures. The most problems is not the IT adoption failure but the IT implementation failure to gain targeted organizational member's use of IT innovations that they have adopted. Researchers have investigated to understand the reasons why the(More)
The main purpose of this research is to describe of social technology use in UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Employing a research model related to an educational value of the social technologies, the study attempts to recognize of social technology use in higher education institutions to support their activities for general purpose, teaching and learning(More)
The key success of a general election is determined by the ability of voter information management system (Sipendalih) in preserving the accuracy and validity of voter's data. Sipendalih was designed to accommodate eligible voters who live overseas to participate in general election through not only registering themselves as voters but also monitoring the(More)
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