Muhammad Nurdin

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Network reliability of distribution system is one of the key performance indices to be realized with many efforts. Installing Distribution Generation (DG) on radial distribution network closer to the customers is one of the efforts, which can improve the indices. This paper will present a GA method to determine the best location and capacity of DG placement(More)
Isolation and identification of secondary metabolite compound from chloroform fraction of Usnea longissima and its bioactivity test as an antibacterial had been conducted. The isolation of the chemical compound was performed by using Gravity Column Chromatography (GCC) and ThinLayered Chromatography (TLC). The result showed the needle crystal shaped(More)
Reliability improvement is one of the important things for electrical distribution company. By using some devices such as recloser and sectionalizing switch will reduce the amount of interrupted load during the fault. However, improvement of reliability need a cost, it can be said that reliability of the system and investment cost is comparable. In this(More)
Single phase to ground faults are the most frequent problem in the extra high voltage overhead lines, and are temporary in most cases. This type of fault can be quickly eliminated using a single pole reclosure, but secondary arc phenomenon often makes the reclosure fail to work. This study aimed to obtain the characteristics of the secondary arc on the 500(More)
This research focused on the preparation and characterization of Cu@N-TiO2/Ti (N-TiO2/Ti decorated with Cu) thin film electrode and its activities test in photoelectrocatalytic system. This study investigated the time effect of Copper (Cu) electrodeposition and the concentration of nitrogen (N) in the photocatalytic characteristics of TiO2. The catalyst has(More)
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