Muhammad Numan

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Energy efficiency and power crises are the critical issues that the globe is facing nowadays. Generation diversification, Demand Response, renewable energy accommodation, and reduction of Carbon dioxide emission are some of the issues that cannot be covered within the limitation of the current grid system. Smart Grid has revolutionized the generation,(More)
—The first step in the design of hybrid power generation system (HPGS) is the feasibility study. This paper discusses the feasibility analysis of a hybrid power generation system at Kallar Kahar Pakistan. The feasibility study mainly focuses on the technical and economic analysis of the components of hybrid power generation system for the selected site. The(More)
This paper deals with the problem of labeling the vertices, edges and faces of uniform subdivision of wheel. A weight of a face is the sum of the label of a face and the labels of the vertices and edges surrounding that face. In a super d-antimagic labeling the vertices receive the smallest labels and the weights of all s-sided faces constitute an(More)
The total installed capacity of wind turbines is continuously increasing with focus on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The reliability and efficiency of wind turbines has become a major issue. The occurrence of fault in various components of wind turbine needs to be addressed for improved performance. Among these issues, wind turbine bearing fault is the(More)
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