Muhammad Nazir

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The purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive study of latest and most famous facial features extraction techniques and as well as classification techniques. We studied these techniques in two different perspectives; one is spatial domain and other is frequency domain. We found many advantages and disadvantages of each technique inside one domain(More)
In Pattern recognition, ensembles of classifiers are used to increase the performance and accuracy of classification systems. The creation of ensembles, selection of base classifiers and combining the decisions of the classifiers is an active research area. In this paper we propose a method of ensemble creation that is based on fuzzy clustering (Fuzzy C(More)
Gender classification is a fundamental face analysis task. In literature, the focus of most researchers has been on the face images acquired under controlled conditions. Real-world face images contain different illumination effects and variations in facial expressions and poses that make gender classification more challenging task. In this paper, we have(More)
BACKGROUND Across the globe, physicians in the emergency department (ED) are subject to violence by patients and visitors. This has been shown to have negative effects on patient care and physician performance. STUDY OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to determine the magnitude of the problem in a developing country, to examine the effects of ED violence(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the referral pattern of dialysis patients to nephrologists and the effects of late referral on clinical, hematological and biochemical parameters in patients presenting for the first-time to dialysis center. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study. PLACE AND DURATION Hemodialysis Unit of Shalamar Hospital, Lahore, from June 2003 to(More)
Segmentation is considered an essential step in medical image analysis and classification. In this paper we describe a method for lung segmentation based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) and morphological image processing techniques. We have used Genetic Algorithm to determine the threshold. The proposed system is able to perform fully automatic segmentation of CT(More)
Classification has emerged as a leading technique for problem solution and optimization. Classification has been used extensively in several problems domain. Automated gender classification is a significant area of research and has great potential. It offers several industrial applications in near future such as monitoring, surveillance, commercial(More)