Muhammad Naeem-Ul-Hassan

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A series of novel carbonyl compounds was synthesized by a simple, eco-friendly and efficient method. These compounds were screened for anti-oxidant activity, in vitro cytotoxicity and for inhibitory activity for acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase. The effect of these compounds against amyloid β-induced cytotoxicity was also investigated. Among(More)
Hyperpigmentation in human skin and enzymatic browning in fruits, which are caused by tyrosinase enzyme, are not desirable. Investigations in the discovery of tyrosinase enzyme inhibitors and search for improved cytotoxic agents continue to be an important line in drug discovery and development. In present work, a new series of 30 compounds bearing(More)
Sixty-nine novel α,β-unsaturated carbonyl based compounds, including cyclohexanone, tetralone, oxime, and oxime ether analogs, were synthesized. The antiproliferative activity determined by using seven different human cancer cell lines provided a structure-activity relationship. Compound 8ag exhibited high antiproliferative activity against Panc-1, PaCa-2,(More)
Neurodegeneration, a complex disease state, comprises several pathways that contribute to cell death. Conventional approach of targeting only one of these pathways has not been proven to be entirely successful and has demanded a hypothetical change as to how researchers design and develop new drugs. In this study, effects of a series of α, β-unsaturated(More)
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