Muhammad Nadeem Asghar

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In the short water supply environment of Pakistan, farmers try to minimize the gap between demand and supply of canal water extracting groundwater for irrigation purposes. However, saline groundwater upconing may occur in response to fresh groundwater withdrawals from unconfined aquifer underlain by salty groundwater. Skimming well technology can help in(More)
In the title compound, C(15)H(16)N(2)O(5)S(2), the dihedral between the two aromatic rings is 81.33 (6)°. In the crystal, pairs of N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds link the mol-ecules into centrosymmetric dimers, which are further connected via N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds into a chain running along [01].
In the mol-ecule of the title compound, C(15)H(15)NO(4)S, the dihedral angle between the two rings is 88.05 (7)°. The methyl ester group is nearly coplanar with the adjacent ring [dihedral angle = 2.81 (10)°], whereas it is oriented at 86.90 (9)° with respect to the plane of the ring attached to the -SO(2)- group. Weak intra-molecular C-H⋯O hydrogen bonding(More)
In the crystal structure of the title compound, C(9)H(8)BrNO(3)S, the thia-zine ring is in the twisted form. In the crystal, pairs of inter-molecular C-H⋯O hydrogen bonds form inversion dimers with an R(2) (2)(8) ring motif. Weak inter-molecular C-H⋯Br and C-H⋯π inter-actions are also present.
In the title coordination polymer, {[Na(2)(C(8)H(7)O(3))(H(2)O)(4)](C(8)H(7)O(3))}(n), all the non-H atoms except the water O atoms lie on a crystallographic mirror plane. One sodium cation is bonded to four water O atoms and one vanillinate O atom in a distorted square-based pyramidal arrangement; the other Na(+) ion is six-coordinated by four water O(More)
In the asymmetric unit of the title compound, C(15)H(16)N(2)O(5)S(2), there are two symmetry-independent mol-ecules which adopt similar conformations, with dihedral angles between the aromatic rings of 59.30 (8) and 61.81 (8)°, and dihedral angles between acetamide group and the benzene ring of 77.08 (10) and 78.40 (10)°. Each type of mol-ecule forms(More)
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