Muhammad Mobeen Movania

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This hands-on guide cuts short the preamble and gets straight to the point-actually creating graphics, instead of just theoretical learning. Each recipe is specifically tailored to satisfy your appetite for producing real-time 3-D graphics using GLSL 4.0.If you are an OpenGL programmer looking to use the modern features of GLSL 4.0 to create real-time,(More)
—The cancer burden is increasing worldwide and there is a need to develop new technologies for cancer diagnosis. Confocal laser endomicroscopy (CLE) is a minimally invasive optical technique that enables in vivo confocal imaging of tissue structures. With the use of fluorescent dyes, the technique allows confocal fluorescence endomicroscopy of tissue from(More)
We have invented a high-performance GPU based volume rendering algorithm on the ubiquitous WebGL platform. As WebGL is emerging as a standard platform for web applications on mobile devices, a remarkable advantage of our approach is that the advanced volume rendering algorithms can run directly on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in which GPU(More)
Confocal laser endomicroscope (CLE) is emerging as an in vivo and in situ imaging tool for early diagnosis of mucosal cancers. While an optical slice of the lesion obtained by CLE provides partial information of the microstructures, a concurrent 3D reconstruction would be much more helpful in extracting meaningful inferences. The locality of different(More)
The affordability of RGBD cameras has pushed the retail shopping to the next level with the Virtual Try-on (VTO) application. Existing approaches [Giovanni et al. 2012], [Kevelham and Magnenat-Thalmann 2012] use skinning whereas systems like FitNect augment skinning with cloth simulation. Alternatively, image-based approach [Zhou et al. 2012] utilizes video(More)
For real-time rendering of physically-based volumetric deformation, a meshless finite element method (FEM) is proposed and implemented on the new-generation Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). A tightly coupled deformation and rendering pipeline is defined for seamless modeling and rendering: First, the meshless FEM model exploits the vertex shader stage and(More)
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