Muhammad Masud Rashid

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This paper presents methodologies involved in diphone preparation for Bangla text to speech synthesis. A concatenation based synthesis system comprises basically two modules- one is natural language processing and other is digital signal processing (DSP). Natural language processing implies converting text to its pronounceable text, called text(More)
Video surveillance is an active research topic in computer vision. Recent research in video surveillance system has shown an increasing focus on creating reliable systems utilizing non-computationally expensive technique for detecting and observing humans' appearance, movements and activities. In this paper, we present a human identification technique(More)
Plastics are not easily biodegradable; and because of these characteristics they can remain under landfill and water for a very long period of time. All over the world only 6% of waste plastics are recycled and the rest of all waste plastics are dumped into landfills. An experiment was conducted in a laboratory scale batch process under Labconco's fume hood(More)
The rotary cranes (tower crane) main purpose in finding a proper control strategy to transport the loads from one location to another. The controlling approach should consider two main factors which are minimizing the moving time of the payload from the primary pick up point to the destination point and second, the oscillation of the payload must be reduced(More)
This paper approach to design and build a highly efficient solar-powered race car for Solar Jackets Racing Team, will focus on developing a system to charge the car batteries given the energy received from solar panels throughout the day. It will utilize a switching power supply circuit to handle the variable amount of input power. The circuit will include(More)
Locating a parking space in central city areas, especially during the peak hours, is cumbersome for drivers. The issue arises from not having the knowledge of where the available spaces may be at the time, even if known, many vehicles may seek very limited parking spaces to cause severe traffic congestion. In this paper the design and implementation with a(More)
This research approach a study with comparison of position sensorless control schemes based on back-electromotive force (back-EMF) estimation in permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). The characteristics of the estimated back-EMF signals are analyzed using various mathematical models of a PMSM. The transfer functions of the estimators, based on the(More)
Ability to follow and track a person robustly is an essential prerequisite for human-robot-interaction. Such capability has desires, which cannot be met pleasingly using conventional numerical process. Most rigorously, the robot has to stay at a certain safe distance as of the person that is being tracked and concurrently be in motion smoothly which does(More)
The proposed robot, as the name suggests has the ability to navigate autonomously in between lanes using a camera as its vision and will also avoid collision in the forward direction with the aid of an Infra Red sensor. All the computations in this research are handled by Atmel Mega644 Microcontroller Unit (MCU). A RC (Radio controlled) car is chosen and(More)
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