Muhammad Kashif Yaqoob

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A cross-sectional study was conducted in desert environment of Jhang (Pakistan) from November 2008 to October 2009 on she-camels kept under pastoralist conditions to determine the prevalence of mastitis, impact of risk factors, and isolate the dominant mastitis-causing bacteria on total of 150 lactating she-camels by using clinical examination and surf(More)
Red-wattled lapwings (Vanellus indicus) are medium-sized birds endemic to the wetlands of south and west Asia. Their population is decreasing due to loss of habitat, shrinkage of wetlands and poaching. Fifty-two red-wattled lapwings (RWL) were captured from wetlands of Punjab province during summer, 2014 (n = 52). All birds appeared to be in good body(More)
The etiology of cleft lip (CL) and/or cleft palate (CP) has been extensively studied in industrialized countries and is suggested to be heterogeneous with increasing evidence that both genetic and environmental factors are operating. To evaluate this assertion in a developing country like Pakistan, a case finding cross-sectional study was completed from(More)
This study was planned to study the herd composition, farming system, and reproductive traits and to evaluate the effect of season, stage of lactation and parity on milk production, and composition of camels kept under pastoral environment of central Punjab, Pakistan. Based on purposive sampling method, 50 herds belonging to small, medium, and large-sized(More)
Pre-hospital care is very important in the emergency medical conditions and it can lead to improved patient outcomes. This pre-hospital care is usually offered to the patient on the site of incident and during transfer to the ambulance and the initial treatment entirely depends on the illness or injury of the patient. These services can either be provided(More)
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