Muhammad Kamran Qureshi

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Plants use programmed cell death (PCD) as a tool in their growth and development. PCD is also involved in defense against different kinds of stresses including pathogen attack. In both types of PCD, reactive oxygen species (ROS) play an important role. ROS is not only a toxic by-product but also acts as signaling molecule that can trigger defense mechanisms(More)
The fungal AAL-toxin triggers programmed cell death (PCD) through perturbations of sphingolipid metabolism in AAL-toxin-sensitive plants. While Arabidopsis is relatively insensitive to the toxin, the loh2 mutant exhibits increased susceptibility to AAL-toxin due to the knockout of a gene involved in sphingolipid metabolism. Genetic screening of mutagenized(More)
We have previously reported a method for isolation of mutants with enhanced tolerance to the fungal AAL toxin and given a detailed characterization of atr1 (AAL toxin resistant, Gechev et al. in Biochem Biophys Res Commun 375:639–644, 2008). Herewith, we report eight more mutants with enhanced tolerance to the AAL toxin. Phenotypic analysis showed that six(More)
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