Muhammad Kamran Abbasi

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The increasing number of publications make searching and accessing the produced literature a challenging task. A recent development in bibliographic databases is to use advanced information retrieval techniques in combination with bibliographic means like citations. In this work we will present an approach that combines a cognitive information retrieval(More)
In this paper we explore the potential of combining the principle of polyrepresentation with document clustering. Our idea is discussed and evaluated for polyrepresentation of information needs as wells as for document-based polyrepresentation where bibliographic information is used as representation. The main idea is to present the user with the highly(More)
The principle of polyrepresentation and document clustering are two established methods for Interactive Information Retrieval, which have been used separately so far. In this paper we discuss a cluster based polyrepresentation approach for information need and document based representations. In our work we simulate and evaluate two possible cluster browsing(More)
The published version of the paper reports results based on simulated user methodology. There are some omissions in the algorithm and the statement of the approach. Section ‘‘Simulated User Methodology and Cluster Ranking’’ and the Algorithm 1 should read as: It should be noted that by the way we simulate the user, a new ranking of documents is created(More)
With the increasing popularity of Android operating system, its security concerns have also been raised to a new horizon in past few years. Different researchers have introduced different approaches in order to mitigate the malware attacks on Android devices and they succeed to provide security up to some extent but these antimalware techniques are still(More)
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