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—A new architecture for high performance digit-serial vector inner product (VIP) which can be pipelined to the bit-level is introduced. The design of the digit-serial vector inner product is based on a new systematic design methodology using radix-2 n arithmetic. The proposed architecture allows a high level of bit-level pipelining to increase the(More)
All serial-serial multiplication structures reported in the literature has been confined to bit serial-serial multipliers. In this paper, an architecture for digit serial-serial multipliers is presented. A set of designs are derived from the radix-2 n design procedure which was first reported by the authors for the design of bit level pipelined digit(More)
This study presents a high performance GF(2 m) Elliptic Curve Crypto-processor architecture. The proposed architecture exploits parallelism at the projective coordinate level to perform parallel field multiplications. In the proposed architecture, normal basis representation is used. Comparisons between the Projective, Jacobian and Mixed coordinate systems(More)
The main objective of the paper is to provide a like-with-like performance comparison between the wavelet domain and the multiwavelet domain watermarking, under a variety of attacks. The investigation is restricted to balanced multiwavelets. Furthermore, for multiwavelet domain watermarking, both wavelet-style and multiwavelet-style embedding are(More)
  • A Aggoun, M K Ibrahim, A Ashur, W Wu, P R Cappello, C R Baugh +4 others
  • 2016
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The cricothyroid muscle in dogs received branches from two independent nerves, namely the external ramus of the cranial laryngeal nerve and the pharyngeal branch of the vagus. Classical spindles are infrequent in the muscle. Atypical forms of sensory endings were identified. Two end-plates were frequently met with on a single extrafusal fibre. Sectioning of(More)
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