Muhammad Jawad Hashim

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BACKGROUND Clinic appointments in which patients do not appear (no-show) result in loss of provider time and revenue. Previous studies have shown variable effectiveness in telephone and mailed reminders to patients. METHODS We conducted a randomized controlled trial of telephone reminders 1 day before the scheduled appointments in an urban family practice(More)
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is an oncogenic virus implicated in the pathogenesis of a number of human malignancies of both lymphoid and epithelial origin. Thus, a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis focused on the global burden of EBV-attributable malignancies is of significant interest. Based on published studies, we estimated the proportion of Burkitt’s(More)
The reliability is the probability that a device will perform its required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time. The Common Cause Failure (CCFs) is the multiple failures and has long been recognized (U.S. NRC, 1975) as an important issue in the Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) and uncertainty and sensitivity analysis has the(More)
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is amongst the top three cancer causes of death worldwide with hepatitis B and C viruses (HBV/HCV) as the main etiological agents. An up-to-date descriptive epidemiology of the burden of HBV/HCV-associated HCC in the Arab world is lacking. We therefore determined the burden of HBV/HCV- associated HCC deaths in the Arab world(More)
Gender differences exist in many aspects of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), including presentation and delay in diagnosis and treatment. The aim of the study was to evaluate gender-related differences in ACS patients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We analyzed a subset (n = 1697) of the Gulf Registry of Acute Coronary Events (Gulf RACE) data collected in(More)
The interpretation of way-finding symbols for healthcare facilities in a multicultural community was assessed in a cross-sectional study. One hundred participants recruited from Al Ain city in the United Arab Emirates were asked to interpret 28 healthcare symbols developed at Hablamos Juntos (such as vaccinations and laboratory) as well as 18(More)
Communication skills needed for patient-centered care include eliciting the patient's agenda with open-ended questions, especially early on; not interrupting the patient; and engaging in focused active listening. Understanding the patient's perspective of the illness and expressing empathy are key features of patient-centered communication. Understanding(More)
PURPOSE Chronic disease services may be improved if care management processes (CMPs), such as disease-specific flowsheets and chronic disease registries, are used. The newly industrialized Gulf state health service has underdeveloped primary care but higher diabetes prevalence. This paper's aim is to investigate care management processes in United Arab(More)
Post-hoc secondary data analysis with no prespecified hypotheses has been discouraged by textbook authors and journal editors alike. Unfortunately no single term describes this phenomenon succinctly. I would like to coin the term "sigsearch" to define this practice and bring it within the teaching lexicon of statistics courses. Sigsearch would include any(More)
Newborn infants may be transferred to a special care nursery because of conditions such as prematurity (gestation less than 37 weeks), prolonged resuscitation, respiratory distress, cyanosis, and jaundice, and for evaluation of neonatal sepsis. Newborn infants' core temperature should be kept above 36.4 degrees C (97.5 degrees F). Nutritional requirements(More)