Muhammad Javed

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Energy saving is the most important issue in wireless mobile computing due to power constraints on mobile units. Data broadcasting is the main method of information dissemination in wireless networks as its cost is independent of the number of mobile hosts receiving the information. A number of data broadcasting techniques have been proposed for mobile(More)
This paper proposes a prototype for integration and visualization of geo-referenced information (GRI) in a distributed environment in general and World Wide Web in particular. This prototype adopts a three-tier architecture and includes three main components: GRI wrapper for distributed GRI web sites, GRI integration mediator and client side visualization(More)
In strong mobility the mobile node association with a coordinator (static or mobile) is an important part of IEEE802.15.4 protocol. This research analyzes the mobile node association attempt process flows in detail. This research also proposes an enhanced association procedure names Fast Association Process (FAP) in strong mobility. FAP is introduced with(More)
Language of signs is usually used by the deaf-mute persons in order to convey their message. But, it becomes very difficult for those who have no knowledge of the sign language. The aim of this research work is to resolve this problem using Digital Dactylology Converser (DDC) which is a device that converts a sign language into voice signal and text(More)
Peer-to-peer networks provide many advantages over the conventional client-server network architecture. The one primary drawback of the peer-to-peer architecture is the difficulty in maintaining network security. In this paper we propose to use intelligent mobile agents to detect intrusion in peer-to-peer networks. Towards this we have presented two(More)
Designing and analysis of test cases is a challenging tasks for tester roles especially those who are related to test the structure of program. Recently, Programmers are showing valuable trend towards the implementation of recursive modules in a program structure. In testing phase of software development life cycle, test cases help the tester to test the(More)
It has been observed that with ever changing technologies need for different software methodologies also evolved. Different methodologies are actually developed to cater the needs of different software development technologies. These methodologies are so technology specific that it becomes a hazard whenever these are applied as generic methodologies for all(More)
RUP is based on UP and OOP methodology in order to develop an application whose scope spans to enterprise level but it is labeled as a immature and disorganize development as it involves rework, provided any shortcomings are found in the accomplished phases. Moreover it is observed that risk identification and resolution is not properly handled in RUP as(More)
Scholars@Cornell is a new project of Cornell University Library (CUL) that provides linked data and novel visualizations of the scholarly record. Our goal is to enable easy discovery of explicit and latent patterns that can reveal high-impact research areas, the dynamics of scholarly collaboration, and expertise of faculty and researchers. We describe(More)