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Energy saving is the most important issue in wireless mobile computing due to power constraints on mobile units. Data broadcasting is the main method of information dissemination in wireless networks as its cost is independent of the number of mobile hosts receiving the information. A number of data broadcasting techniques have been proposed for mobile(More)
The present study was undertaken to find out the association of certain risk factors with the positive SCCIT (single comparative cervical intradermal tuberculin) test in water buffaloes at Faisalabad and Okara, Pakistan. Seventy-six herds (697 buffaloes) at Faisalabad and 56 (395 buffaloes) at Okara were included in the study. The buffaloes were screened(More)
Mycobacterium caprae is a pathogen that can infect animals and humans. To better understand the epidemiology of M. caprae, we spoligotyped 791 animal isolates. Results suggest infection is widespread in Spain, affecting 6 domestic and wild animal species. The epidemiology is driven by infections in caprids, although the organism has emerged in cattle.
A study on tuberculosis in buffaloes: some epidemiological aspects, along with haematological and serum protein changes. ABSTRACT The study was conducted to ascertain the epidemiology, together with effects of bovine tuberculosis, on certain haematological parameters and serum proteins at two Livestock Experiment Stations in Pakistan. The results on(More)
The present study was carried to ascertain the association of various risk factors of mastitis in water buffaloes. The milk samples from buffaloes were collected and screened through California Mastitis Test for the presence of mastitis. In the present study, 15.2 % prevalence of subclinical mastitis was recorded both at the government (13.4 %) and private(More)
Soil salinity severely affects plant nutrient use efficiency and is a worldwide constraint for sustainable crop production. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria, with inherent salinity tolerance, are able to enhance plant growth and productivity by inducing modulations in various metabolic pathways. In the present study, we reported the isolation and(More)
Peer-to-peer networks provide many advantages over the conventional client-server network architecture. The one primary drawback of the peer-to-peer architecture is the difficulty in maintaining network security. In this paper we propose to use intelligent mobile agents to detect intrusion in peer-to-peer networks. Towards this we have presented two(More)
To investigate the percentage reactor animals to SCCIT in sheep and goat the present study was carried out by using bovine and avian PPDs at 7 Livestock Experiment Stations of Punjab and villages around two cities. The overall percentage of reactor animals to SCCIT at farms in sheep and goat was 0.9% and 2.4%, while it was 0.4% and 0.0% around two cities,(More)
The present paper reports the ability of egg-propagated gametocyte vaccine to induce protective immunity against Eimeria tenella infections in offspring chicks. For this purpose, breeding hens were immunized with adjuvanted gametocyte vaccine orally, being the best vaccine in our previous studies. Eggs collected 2 weeks after the boosting dose were allowed(More)
Water shortage is one of the major environmental constraints that hamper the crop productivity worldwide. The present study was aimed to examine the drought tolerance potential of seven cultivars/lines of Vigna mungo L. depending upon their germination behavior, seedling growth, antioxidative defense mechanism, and nutrient acquisition. An experiment was(More)