Muhammad Jafar Jaskani

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Seven tetraploid watermelon lines developed by colchicine treatments were compared with their diploid counterpart for plant, flower, fruit, seed and qualitative characteristics. Tetraploid genotypes attained statistically higher vine thickness (8.04 mm), leaf area (298.9 cm2) and chlorophyll content (55.6) while internode length and chlorophyll fluorescence(More)
Colchicine was used as chemical mutagen for In vitro induction of polyploids. Nodal segments of In vitro grown marigold plantlets were cultured on MS medium supplemented with four different concentrations of colchcine (0.0%, 0.001%, 0.01% and 0.05%) for 12h, separately. After treatment, nodal segment were shifted to colchicine free MS medium for normal(More)
Microsatellite markers containing simple sequence repeats (SSRs) are a valuable tool for genetic analysis. Date palm is a dioecious and slow flowering and is very difficult to identify the gender of the trees until it reaches the reproductive age (5-10 years). A total of 12 microsatellite primers were used with 30 date palm samples, 14 parents (8 male + 6(More)
Breeding of date palm is complicated because of its long life cycle and heterozygous nature. Sexual propagation of date palm does not produce true-to-type plants. Sex of date palms cannot be identified until the first flowering stage. Molecular markers such as random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), sequence-characterized amplified regions (SCAR), and(More)
BACKGROUND Rosa centifoliais commercially propagated by asexual means but in vitro propagation ensure the production of disease free and healthy plants and browning of explants creates hurdle in their multiplication. OBJECTIVES The aim was to reduce oxidative browning of shoots of R. centifolia in MS medium during in vitro propagation. MATERIALS AND(More)
Pollen storage and viability are very important for pollination, breeding, biodiversity, biotechnology, conservation, and other biological and non-biological studies of the date palm. Optimizing procedures and duration of storage are important for effective and long-term date palm pollen storage and viability. Here we describe pollen storage methods, such(More)
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