Muhammad Ismail

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In this paper, radio resource allocation in a heterogeneous wireless access medium is studied. Mobile terminals (MTs) are assumed to have multi-homing capabilities. Both constant bit rate and variable bit rate services are considered. A novel algorithm is developed for the resource allocation. Unlike existing solutions in literature, the proposed algorithm(More)
The concept of cooperation in wireless communication networks has drawn significant attention recently from both academia and industry as it can be effective in addressing the performance limitations of wireless networks due to user mobility and the scarcity of network resources. In this article, we aim to shed some light on potential benefits of such an(More)
Semaphorins are a large family of transmembrane proteins. The gene for SEMA4A encodes a transmembrane protein comprising 760 amino acids. To investigate its association with human retinal degeneration, mutation screening of the SEMA4A gene was carried out on 190 unrelated patients suffering from a variety of eye diseases. We report the first observation of(More)
Financial and environmental considerations have motivated a trend in wireless communication network design and operation to minimize the amount of energy consumption. This trend is referred to as green radio communications. In this article, network cooperation is investigated as a means of energy saving. Networks with overlapped coverage can cooperate to(More)
In this paper, an energy management sub-system is proposed for mobile terminals (MTs) to support a sustainable multi-homing video transmission, over the call duration, in a heterogeneous wireless access medium. Through statistical video quality guarantee, the MT can determine a target video quality lower bound that can be supported for a target call(More)
Phytochemical and cytotoxicity investigations on organic solvent extracts of the aerial parts of Tinospora crispa have led to the isolation of 15 cis-clerodane-type furanoditerpenoids. Of these, nine compounds (1-9) were found to be new. Spectroscopic assignments of a previously reported compound, borapetoside A (13), were revised on the basis of HMQC and(More)
AbstractCone-rod retinal dystrophy (CORD) characteristically leads to early impairment of vision due to the simultaneous involvement of both cone and rod photoreceptor cells. Several loci/genes have been identified for CORD, including the cone-rod dystrophy (CORD8) locus [OMIM#605549] identified for a Pakistani family. All members of this family underwent(More)
PURPOSE To map the disease locus of a two-generation, consanguineous Pakistani family with autosomal recessive cone-rod dystrophy (arCRD). All affected individuals had night blindness, deterioration of central vision, photophobia, epiphora in bright light, and problems with color distinction. Fundoscopy revealed marked macular degeneration and attenuation(More)
Efficient usage of energy in wireless networks represents a major concern in academia and industry, mainly because of environmental, financial, and quality-of-experience considerations. Various solutions have been proposed to enable efficient energy usage in wireless networks, and these approaches are referred to as green wireless communications and(More)