Muhammad Imadur Rahman

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Copyright and Moral Rights for the articles on this site are retained by the individual authors and/or other copyright owners. For more information on Open Research Online's data policy on reuse of materials please consult the policies page. non ideal HPA, the LA fails to meet the target BLER. Detailed analysis of the distortion and effects on LA are(More)
— The cyclic delay diversity is applied in OFDM receiver to increase the frequency-selectivity of the channel seen at the receiver for flat (or less frequency-selective) channels. The diversity combining is performed prior to the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) operation. A new method has been studied to optimize the Pre-DFT diversity combining by(More)
—In this paper we advocate cross–layer optimization over the whole ISO/OSI protocol stack. As an example we refer to a system using multiple description coding at application layer combined with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing at the link level to provide robustness against hostile wireless channels. In the proposed optimization design(More)