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The dominant factors controlling soil bacterial community variation within the tropics are poorly known. We sampled soils across a range of land use types—primary (unlogged) and logged forests and crop and pasture lands in Malaysia. PCR-amplified soil DNA for the bacterial 16S rRNA gene targeting the V1–V3 region was pyrosequenced using the 454 Roche(More)
It is commonly thought that the longer the time since last earthquake, the larger the next earthquake's slip will be. But this logical predictor of earthquake size, unsuccessful for large earthquakes on a strike-slip fault, fails also with the giant 1960 Chile earthquake of magnitude 9.5 (ref. 3). Although the time since the preceding earthquake spanned 123(More)
A study was carried out to assess carbon emission and carbon loss caused from land use change (LUC) of converting a wasteland into a Jatropha curcas plantation. The study was conducted for 12 months at a newly established Jatropha curcas plantation in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Assessments of soil carbon dioxide (CO(2)) flux, changes of soil total carbon and(More)
Spatial scaling to some extent determines biodiversity patterns in larger organisms, but its role in microbial diversity patterns is much less understood. Some studies have shown that bacterial community similarity decreases with distance, whereas others do not support this. Here, we studied soil bacterial communities of tropical rainforest in Malaysia at(More)
A field study in Libya investigated aspects of Cochliomyia hominivorax behaviour relevant to the operation of a target-based control system. Flies were readily caught by electrified targets, but only when baited with the attractant 'swormlure-4'. Target size (0.25-1 m2) did not affect catch, but black targets caught twice as many flies as red ones. Omitting(More)
A good magnetic observatory is a place where precise, continuous long-term measurements of the geomagnetic field are made and from where definitive data are regularly published to the wider scientific community. The INDIGO project aims to provide the means for achieving this goal in a selected set of places on the Earth. Equipment, software, training and(More)
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