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In this study, Taguchi method was used to identify the several factors that may affect the performance of Destination Sequence Distance Vector (DSDV) routing protocol. The performance of DSDV routing protocol in mobile ad hoc networks were greatly influence by factors such as node speed, node pause time and traffic load. Problem statement: By using(More)
A morphology study was essential to the development of the cementless femoral stem because accurate dimensions for both the periosteal and endosteal canal ensure primary fixation stability for the stem, bone interface, and prevent stress shielding at the calcar region. This paper focused on a three-dimensional femoral model for Asian patients that applied(More)
BACKGROUND Minimal available information concerning hip morphology is the motivation for several researchers to study the difference between Asian and Western populations. Current use of a universal hip stem of variable size is not the best option for all femur types. This present study proposed a new design process of the cementless femoral stem using a(More)
After reviewing the vast body of literature on using FTS in stock market forecasting, certain deficiencies are distinguished in the hybridization of findings. In addition, the lack of constructive systematic framework, which can be helpful to indicate direction of growth in entire FTS forecasting systems, is outstanding. In this study, we propose a(More)
Design and analysis of routing protocols used for mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is currently an active area of research. This paper deals with determining the effects of several scenario metrics on the performance of dynamic source routing (DSR) protocol with regard to routing overhead. The scenario metrics include terrain, network size, pause time, node(More)
This paper presents an approach for tackling multiple metrics and various network parameters simultaneously to investigate the performance of wireless ad-hoc network routing protocols. The study uses Taguchi's loss function to determine the best condition in yielding maximum throughput and minimum packet drop and routing overhead simultaneously for dynamic(More)
Cancer classification and gene selection in high-dimensional data have been popular research topics in genetics and molecular biology. Recently, adaptive regularized logistic regression using the elastic net regularization, which is called the adaptive elastic net, has been successfully applied in high-dimensional cancer classification to tackle both(More)