Muhammad Hisyam Lee

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Cancer classification and gene selection in high-dimensional data have been popular research topics in genetics and molecular biology. Recently, adaptive regularized logistic regression using the elastic net regularization, which is called the adaptive elastic net, has been successfully applied in high-dimensional cancer classification to tackle both(More)
An important application of DNAmicroarray data is cancer classification. Because of the high-dimensionality problem of microarray data, gene selection approaches are often employed to support the expert systems in diagnostic capability of cancer with high classification accuracy. Penalized logistic regression using the least absolute shrinkage and selection(More)
In high-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) modelling, penalization methods have been a popular choice to simultaneously address molecular descriptor selection and QSAR model estimation. In this study, a penalized linear regression model with L1/2-norm is proposed. Furthermore, the local linear approximation algorithm is utilized(More)
A high-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) classification model typically contains a large number of irrelevant and redundant descriptors. In this paper, a new design of descriptor selection for the QSAR classification model estimation method is proposed by adding a new weight inside L1-norm. The experimental results of(More)
Reduction of the high dimensional classification using penalized logistic regression is one of the challenges in applying binary logistic regression. The applied penalized method, correlation based elastic penalty (CBEP), was used to overcome the limitation of LASSO and elastic net in variable selection when there are perfect correlation among explanatory(More)
The combination of Shewhart control charts and an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control charts to simultaneously monitor shifts in the mean output of a production process has proven very effective in handling both small and large shifts. To improve the sensitivity of the control chart to detect off-target processes, we propose a combined(More)
For an improved monitoring of process parameters, it is generally desirable to have ef?cient designs of control charting structures. The addition of Shewhart control limits to the cumulative sum (CUSUM) control chart is a simple monitoring scheme sensitive to wide range of mean shifts. To improve the detection ability of the combined Shewhart–CUSUM control(More)
BACKGROUND Minimal available information concerning hip morphology is the motivation for several researchers to study the difference between Asian and Western populations. Current use of a universal hip stem of variable size is not the best option for all femur types. This present study proposed a new design process of the cementless femoral stem using a(More)