Muhammad Hidayat

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In this paper, the formulas for extracting the property of anisotropic thin slab artificial dielectric material using rectangular waveguide is proposed. The property of material to be extracted in the current work is its relative permittivity. The anisotropic thin slab artificial dielectric material constructed of strip conductors on dielectric substrates(More)
In this paper, the coupling analysis of two loaded resonators inside of a TE mode rectangular waveguide is investigated. The resonators are made of isotropic and anisotropic dielectric materials which have specific parameters of relative permittivity and thickness as a function of separation between resonators. Each resonator is composed of conventional and(More)
One fundamental aspect in designing a good radar system is the performance of range resolution. The good range resolution performance is required in radar system to detect small targets at a long distance. It is already known that the longer pulse will increase energy and improve target detection. Conversely, shorter pulse will increase the range resolution(More)
A good magnetic observatory is a place where precise, continuous long-term measurements of the geomagnetic field are made and from where definitive data are regularly published to the wider scientific community. The INDIGO project aims to provide the means for achieving this goal in a selected set of places on the Earth. Equipment, software, training and(More)
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