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Detection and Communication of Disasters with Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network
The rapid development in the industrial sector has caused severe damage to the environment, which resulted in the occurrence of catastrophic disasters of high magnitude on earth. Moreover, theExpand
Space Air Ground Integrated Network: Communication Network for Air Traffic Control
In this work, challenges faced by aviation industry and lagging in current and under-development systems are discussed, a framework based on SAGIN is proposed for air traffic control. Expand
Output-Feedback Robust MPC for a class of Nonlinear system
This paper compares the performance of a robust model predictive control (MPC) with a nominal MPC on a closed-loop system with input constraints, bounded unknown additive disturbances, and uncertainties on the system states. Expand
Early and robust remaining useful life prediction of supercapacitors using BOHB optimized Deep Belief Network
This study presents a novel combination of deep learning algorithm-Deep Belief Network (DBN) with Bayesian Optimization and HyperBand (BOHB) to predict the RUL of the supercapacitors in the early phases of degradation. Expand
High-Throughput Optimizations of AES Algorithm for Satellites
The increase in the flow of information and high-speed communication has compelled researchers to use satellite networks for different applications. Expand
Bayesian Optimized Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network for Prognostics of Thermally Aged Power Mosfets
We present a data-driven approach to predict the change in ON-state resistance using Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM) Recurrent Neural Network (RNN). Expand
Adaptive Model Predictive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Single-Link Flexible Joint Manipulator
The major concern and basic requirement for control engineers, besides stability and trajectory tracking, is to consider and utilize available resources efficiently. Expand
Simple Robust Fixed-Time Fault-Tolerant Attitude Control for a class of Rigid Spacecrafts
The need to explore outer and deep space and make it more beneficial for mankind is emphasized in the space industry. Expand