Muhammad Haris Afzal

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This paper presents an algorithm for calibrating erroneous tri-axis magnetometers in the magnetic field domain. Unlike existing algorithms, no simplification is made on the nature of errors to ease the estimation. A complete error model, including instrumentation errors (scale factors, nonorthogonality, and offsets) and magnetic deviations (soft and hard(More)
Most portable systems like smart-phones are equipped with low cost consumer grade sensors, making them useful as Pedestrian Navigation Systems (PNS). Measurements of these sensors are severely contaminated by errors caused due to instrumentation and environmental issues rendering the unaided navigation solution with these sensors of limited use. The overall(More)
—Heading estimation plays an important role in pedestrian navigation applications. Although gyroscopes are considered to be the primary sensors for orientation estimation, the errors associated with these sensors require periodic updates from other sources. In case of small hand-held devices, these other sources are accelerometers for roll and pitch(More)
Although the equations' derivation in our paper published in Sensors 2011 [1] is correct, a typo has been found in the summarizing Equations (48) and (49). The dot on the B in the skew matrix should be removed. Equations (48) and (49) should be corrected as:
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