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Prosopis juliflora is characterized by distinct and profuse growth even in nutritionally poor soil and environmentally stressed conditions and is believed to harbor some novel heavy metal-resistant bacteria in the rhizosphere and endosphere. This study was performed to isolate and characterize Cr-resistant bacteria from the rhizosphere and endosphere of P.(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for calibrating erroneous tri-axis magnetometers in the magnetic field domain. Unlike existing algorithms, no simplification is made on the nature of errors to ease the estimation. A complete error model, including instrumentation errors (scale factors, nonorthogonality, and offsets) and magnetic deviations (soft and hard(More)
Low cost magnetometers can be used for estimating the orientation with respect to the magnetic North. Although magnetometers work very well in clean magnetic environments like in the outdoors, they are strongly influenced by magnetic perturbations produced by manmade infrastructure in the indoors. Calibration techniques exist that can be used to compensate(More)
Engineering and Technology Karachi in 2002. Before joining the University of Calgary, he worked as a research engineer for six years with NESCOM Pakistan in the field of avionics navigation and control systems. Professor Gérard Lachapelle holds a CRC/iCore Chair in Wireless Location in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at the University of Calgary(More)
Most portable systems like smart-phones are equipped with low cost consumer grade sensors, making them useful as Pedestrian Navigation Systems (PNS). Measurements of these sensors are severely contaminated by errors caused due to instrumentation and environmental issues rendering the unaided navigation solution with these sensors of limited use. The overall(More)
—Heading estimation plays an important role in pedestrian navigation applications. Although gyroscopes are considered to be the primary sensors for orientation estimation, the errors associated with these sensors require periodic updates from other sources. In case of small hand-held devices, these other sources are accelerometers for roll and pitch(More)
With the aim to select powerful microbial strains to be used for the enhancement of maize yield and resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses, we tested five endophytic bacterial strains previously isolated from maize roots. A range of different laboratory assays in regard to potential plant growth promotion was performed and strains were further evaluated(More)
This paper describes the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities and phenolic components of different solvent (absolute methanol, absolute ethanol, absolute acetone, 80% methanol, 80% ethanol, 80% acetone and deionized water) extracts of leaves, flowers and bark of Gold Mohar [Delonix regia (Bojer ex Hook.) Raf.]. The extract yields from leaves, flowers(More)
Determining orientation with respect to a known reference plays an important role in almost all modes of navigation. As the sensors required for measuring magnetic field have found their way into portable navigation devices, researchers have started investigating their application to orientation estimation in different environments. Nevertheless, the(More)
BACKGROUND Radiation induced secondary cancers are a rare but severe late effect after breast conserving therapy. Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) is increasingly used during breast conserving surgery. The purpose of this analysis was to estimate secondary cancer risks after IORT compared to other modalities of breast radiotherapy (APBI - accelerated(More)