Muhammad Haris Afzal

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This paper presents an algorithm for calibrating erroneous tri-axis magnetometers in the magnetic field domain. Unlike existing algorithms, no simplification is made on the nature of errors to ease the estimation. A complete error model, including instrumentation errors (scale factors, nonorthogonality, and offsets) and magnetic deviations (soft and hard(More)
Plant-bacteria partnerships have been extensively studied and applied to improve crop yield. In addition to their application in agriculture, a promising field to exploit plant-bacteria partnerships is the remediation of soil and water polluted with hydrocarbons. Application of effective plant-bacteria partnerships for the remediation of hydrocarbons depend(More)
To clarify the genetic mechanism which controls the variation in amylose content among nonwaxy landraces of foxtail millet, the inheritance of different starch types in endosperm was examined by I2-KI staining. The level of starch granule bound protein in foxtail millet endosperm was also analyzed using SDS-PAGE. The segregation for starch types in F2 and(More)
Recently, there has been an increased effort to enhance the efficacy of phytoremediation of contaminated environments by exploiting plant-microbe interactions. The combined use of plants and endophytic bacteria is an emerging approach for the clean-up of soil and water polluted with organic compounds. In plant-endophyte partnerships, plants provide the(More)
With the aim to select powerful microbial strains to be used for the enhancement of maize yield and resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses, we tested five endophytic bacterial strains previously isolated from maize roots. A range of different laboratory assays in regard to potential plant growth promotion was performed and strains were further evaluated(More)
Phenol is a highly toxic and carcinogenic compound and its biodegradation is very important to meet the environmental regulations. Two bacterial strains capable of utilizing phenol as a sole source of carbon were isolated from the wastewater of a pharmaceutical industry. On the basis of morphological and biochemical characteristics these strains were(More)
The combined use of plants and associated microorganisms has great potential for cleaning up soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons. Apart from environmental conditions the physicochemical properties of the soil are the main factors influencing the survival and activity of an inoculated strain as well as the growth of plants. This study examined the(More)
Plants are sessile beings, so the need of mechanisms to flee from unfavorable circumstances has provided the development of unique and sophisticated responses to environmental stresses. Depending on the degree of plasticity, many morphological, cellular, anatomical, and physiological changes occur in plants in response to abiotic stress. Phytohormones are(More)
Most portable systems like smart-phones are equipped with low cost consumer grade sensors, making them useful as Pedestrian Navigation Systems (PNS). Measurements of these sensors are severely contaminated by errors caused due to instrumentation and environmental issues rendering the unaided navigation solution with these sensors of limited use. The overall(More)
Heading estimation plays an important role in pedestrian navigation applications. Although gyroscopes are considered to be the primary sensors for orientation estimation, the errors associated with these sensors require periodic updates from other sources. In case of small handheld devices, these other sources are accelerometers for roll and pitch estimates(More)