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A morphology study was essential to the development of the cementless femoral stem because accurate dimensions for both the periosteal and endosteal canal ensure primary fixation stability for the stem, bone interface, and prevent stress shielding at the calcar region. This paper focused on a three-dimensional femoral model for Asian patients that applied(More)
BACKGROUND Minimal available information concerning hip morphology is the motivation for several researchers to study the difference between Asian and Western populations. Current use of a universal hip stem of variable size is not the best option for all femur types. This present study proposed a new design process of the cementless femoral stem using a(More)
After reviewing the vast body of literature on using FTS in stock market forecasting, certain deficiencies are distinguished in the hybridization of findings. In addition, the lack of constructive systematic framework, which can be helpful to indicate direction of growth in entire FTS forecasting systems, is outstanding. In this study, we propose a(More)
The enrollment study is main point for the university planning. Many previous studies have been presented for enrollment forecasting. This paper proposed the adoption the weighted and the difference between actual data toward midpoint interval based on fuzzy time series. By using the enrollment of the University of Alabama and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(More)
Problem statement: Forecasting is very important in many types of organizations since predictions of future events must be incorporated into the decision-making process. In the case of tourism demand, better forecast would help directors and investors make operational, tactical and strategic decisions. Besides that, government bodies need accurate tourism(More)
Reduction of the high dimensional classification using penalized logistic regression is one of the challenges in applying binary logistic regression. The applied penalized method, correlation based elastic penalty (CBEP), was used to overcome the limitation of LASSO and elastic net in variable selection when there are perfect correlation among explanatory(More)
Stress shielding and micromotion are two major issues which determine the success of newly designed cementless femoral stems. The correlation of experimental validation with finite element analysis (FEA) is commonly used to evaluate the stress distribution and fixation stability of the stem within the femoral canal. This paper focused on the applications of(More)
The trapezium shape of the talar dome limits the use of 2-dimensional plain radiography for morphometric assessment because only 2 of the 4 required parameters can be measured. We used computed tomography data to measure the 4 morphologic parameters of the trochlea tali: anterior width, posterior width, trochlea tali length, and angle of trapezium shape. A(More)
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